24 May


Concentrated, BFA Certified Organic Plant Super Food and Soil Rejuvenator in one 1 litre $17.00 2.5 litre $25.00 10 litre $89.50 20 litre 170.50 Grow is an award winning concentrated …

02 March

Neem Pet Pack

Neem pet pack $30.00 Description Great Gift Idea. Pamper your pets. This pack contains Pet Soap 100grm, Shampoo 250mL and Conditioner 250mL all shrink wraped together.

02 March

Soil PH Test Kit

Soil pH test kit Small $20.00 ( Will perform at least 20 tests per kit) Large $30.00 ( Will perform at least 50 tests per kit) Is your soil Acidic …