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  • Fast Fulvic

    Fast Fulvic

    1 litre

    Australian Certified Organic

    An 8% fulvic acid liquid possessing a myriad of yield-enhancing qualities.
    Fulvic Acid is a powerful organic extract from humates which offers a host of benefits…

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  • Life Force Instant Humus

    1 kg

    Humic acid is an amazing natural material which increases moisture and
    nutrient retention, promotes beneficial soil life and increases nutrient
    uptake. Life-Force® Instant Humus™ is a high analysis humic acid…

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  • Liquid Humus

    1 Litre

    Australian Certified Organic

    A humic acid liquid for use as a fertiliser, stabiliser/
    magnifier, plant growth promotant, soil life activator and
    soil conditioner.

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