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  • B&B Liquid Blood & Bone (meat & bone)

    Growth B&B Liquid Blood and Bone is made by converting meat and bone meal and dried blood into a highly concentrated liquid colloidal suspension and then adding trace elements…

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  • Liquid Cast

    Premium organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. Can be used as a foliar spray or watered straight on to the root system. 

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  • Perlite (Horticultural)

    Improves soil aeration and drainage, improves water retention, ideal hydroponic growing medium and ideal for propagation.

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  • Scoria Stone

    Natural 16 kg 10-14 mmKi-Carma Scoria is a red volcanic rock, natural occurring and absorbs and holds water.

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  • Swift Grow Fish Waste Fertiliser

    Swift Grow is a unique natural organic fertiliser which differs from all other chemical fertilisers available on the market. Swift Grow provides organic nutrients that feed plants and render…

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