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  • Lawn & Turf Granulated lawn food bag

    Natural / Eco friendly
    16 kg bag
    25 kg bag

    PLANT of HEALTH” LAWN & TURF FOOD Biologically enhanced eco friendly 11.9N 2P 8K* Granulated Fertiliser 16Kg covers 320 – 600…

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  • Lawn and Turf Granulated Lawn Food

    Healthy soil & turf is a management of mineral balance, soil organic carbon & soil biology and our Lawn & Turf food is designed to support all areas. We…

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  • Organic Plus Lawn Food

    Eco Friendly – 25 KgOrganic Plus Lawn Food produces superior growth and colour and is suitable for all lawn types including Buffalo.

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  • Plant Assist

    Plant AssistTM is a specially blended soil additive to support newly planted tube stock and plants through the critical establishment period.Eco Friendly – 1kg & 4kg

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  • Plant Starter

    The first seven days of a plants life is critical for survival and long term health and PLANT STARTER™ has been specially formulated for the critical first two…

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  • Troforte M Fert O Lawn

    Eco friendly
    No animal products used
    3.5 kg Bucket
    10 kg Bucket

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  • Turf Triple Boost Concentrate

    Turf-Triple Boost takes conventional, reactive 10N-10P-10K fertilser and blend it with organic compounds extracted from fish, and earthworm exudates to give you a product that has enormous plant nutrition,…

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