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  • Life Force Micro-Force Home Pack


    Kit includes:
    1 x 20 g Life Force® Micro-Force
    Microbes™, 1 x 300 mL Life
    Force® Liquid Microbe Food™,
    1 x disposable gloves,
    1 x disposable face mask

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  • Life Force Microbe Brewer

    PACKAGING: Kit includes:
    1 x 20 L bucket with lid,
    1 x dual outlet aerator pump,
    2 x air stones & pipes.

    A highly fertile soil can contain up to 20,000 different species…

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  • Life Force Tricho-Shield

    Life Force Tricho-Shield

    Three beneficial fungal species to improve the balance between desired and undesirable microorganisms
    on the leaf surface and in the soil. These species also promote plant and root…

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  • Microbe Probiotic

    Beneficial Micro-organisms that enhance soil health and biology.  Our Microbe Probiotic use Effective Micro-organisms (EM) and EMs have a fascinating history. EM was discovered by a Japanese horticulturalist, Dr….

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