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  • EM 1

    EM .1 is a mixture of Effective micro-organisms originally developed by Doctor Teruo Higa, at Ryuyus University in Japan.  The general name “EM” is used to refer to a…

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  • Groundswell Micro Accelerator

    Groundswell Micro Accelerator is a formulation of naturally occurring microbes whose function is the conversion of organic material in Groundswell Continuous Fermentation ProcessOrganic

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  • Micro Army Mix

    An army of blended freeze dried beneficial bacteria and predatory fungi that can flourish in a wide range of soil types Must be brewed for 24-48 hrs in warm,…

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  • Microbe Probiotic

    Beneficial Micro-organisms that enhance soil health and biology.  Our Microbe Probiotic use Effective Micro-organisms (EM) and EMs have a fascinating history. EM was discovered by a Japanese horticulturalist, Dr….

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  • PyroAg Liquid (Wood Vinegar)

    Improve Seed Germination. Feed and Grow Healthy Soil Microbes.  Promote Healthy Growth and Increase Yields.  Increase Natural Resistance to Pests and Disease.  Enhance Fertiliser Uptake and Composting Activity Lower soil…

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  • Root Extender

    PLANT of HEALTH” ROOT EXTENDER Beneficial Mycorrhiza Fungi – Root Stimulant and Root attaching filaments that increase nutrient access.100% NaturalBFA Registered Products

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  • Super charged Compost

    This compost has been preloaded with an absolutely vast range of natural beneficial microbes and fungus that is found in healthy soil and allows plants to grow to their…

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  • Xlr8 Bio

    OrganicXLR8 Bio is a bio -accelerant encapsulating the key technologies pioneered by VRM for soil enhancement and nutrient management. This product helps build healthy microbial populations in soil which…

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  • Xlr8 Ca

    Organic – 1 Ltr
    XLR8 Ca is a calcium mobiliser which promotes the uptake of calcium in fruit and vegetable crops which need extended calcium input. This product is designed…

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  • Xlr8 CR

    OrganicXLR8 cr is an innovative bio – accelerant which combines fruit extracts with special microbes.1 Litre

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  • Xlr8 Er

    XLR8 Er For soil enhancement and nutrient management. This product helps build healthy microbial populations in soil which continue to feed plants after fertilising.Organic – 1 Ltr

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  • Xlr8 N

    XLR8 N is an organic nitrogen fertiliser which also promotes on-going nitrogen sequestration and fixation in a soil environment.Organic – 1 Ltr

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