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  • Cypress Mulch

    Ki-Carma Cypress Mulch is a premium organic mulch that is naturally termite resistant.50 Lt

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  • Cypress Red Chip

    Ki-Carma Cypress Red Chip is 100% cypress chip that has been coloured to a vibrant red.Natural50 Lt

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  • Dry Pulp Paper

    dry pulp paper; Being pulverised it is porous so allows water to go through; but will suppress weeds and put carbon back into the soil in your garden. You…

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  • Organic Potting Mix

    Ki-Carma Organic Potting Mix is a complete organic product that contains essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and colour.BFA Registered Product.25lt

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  • Pine Bark

    Ki-Carma Pine Bark is a natural cover suitable for all garden typesNatural50 Lt 

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  • Premium Organic Garden Soil

    Ki-Carma Garden Soil is ready to use and is suitable for a wide range of uses. Ideal for topping up and building garden beds and vegetable gardens and mixing…

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  • Premium Organic Top Dressing Mix

    Ki-Carma Top Dressing Mix is suitable for repairing worn and damaged areas. Containing organic fertiliser and composted materials, it may also be used on existing lawns to enhance and…

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  • Sugar Cane Mulch

    NaturalKi-Carma Sugar Cane Mulch is environmentally friendly and made by using the tops & leaves of sugar cane. 

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  • Ti – Tree Mulch

    Ki-Carma Ti-Tree Mulch is a by-product of Tea Tree Oil and has a natural fresh aroma.Natural50 Lt

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