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  • Coir Peat Brick

    Coir is a natural byproduct of the processing of coconuts.Natural4 kg Fine  5 kg Course  

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  • Compost Worms

    May be used in gardens if conditions are moist and well mulched.Box of Minimum of 1000 worms

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  • Cypress Mulch

    Ki-Carma Cypress Mulch is a premium organic mulch that is naturally termite resistant.Natural50Lt

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  • Cypress Red Chip

    Ki-Carma Cypress Red Chip is 100% cypress chip that has been coloured to a vibrant red.Natural50Lt

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  • EM.1

    EM .1 is a mixture of Effective micro-organisms originally developed by Doctor Teruo Higa, at Ryuyus University in Japan.   The general name “EM” is used to refer to a…

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  • Fulvic Plus

    PLANT of HEALTH” FULVICPLUSTM Mineral Rich Liquid Humus Concentrate Fulvic acid is one of the major components of humic substances (or Natural Organic Matter (NOM)) which are dark…

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  • Gypsum Premium Pure

    Ki-Carma Gypsum also known as ‘clay breaker’ helps improves the physical condition of heavy clay soils that is suitable for all year-round use.25 kgNatural

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  • Humic Plus

    Humic acid is one of the major components of humic substances (or Natural Organic Matter (NOM)) which are dark brown and major constituents of soil organic matter humus…

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  • HumiSoil

    HumiSoil is a humus rich soil enhancer encapsulating the key technologies pioneered by VRM for soil enhancement and nutrient management. This product helps build humus in soil which…

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  • Humus Rich Granules

    5 litre bucket

    10 litre bucket

    Humus is important to the health of your soil. It improves soil aeration, drainage and improves water retention.

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  • Liquid Cast

    Premium organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. Can be used as a foliar spray or watered straight on to the root system.

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  • Micro – Dol

    “PLANT of HEALTH” Micro-Dol
    Biologically enhanced liquid Dolomite.  Calcium has been described as “The Prince of Elements” by leading soil scientists due to the significant roll it plays in…

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