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  • Natra Store 4

    PLANT of HEALTH” NATRA-STORE 4 PREMIUM GRADE INPUT FOR WATER PENETRATION,RETENSION & CONDITIONING Could Natra-Store4 Water absorbing granules be the most simple and effective product of its type on…

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  • Neem Plant Spray

    Neem Oil has been used as a fertiliser and wetter sticker for centuries. Our Neem Plant Spray is pure Neem Oil mixed with an organic emusifier enabling it to…

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  • See Spray Dye

    Being able to SEE where you are spraying liquids is paramount to ensuring you get maximum effectiveness from your sprays and SEE Spray™ is a non toxic dye you…

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  • Soil Soaker (Liquid)

    Hydrophobic soils and potting mediums can create havoc for the grower or gardener when irrigation water is repelled from the area they are trying to hydrate, or the water…

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  • Soil Soaker Granulated

    Soil Soaker™ GRANULAR is your eco friendly soil wetter for those soils and potting mediums that get hydrophobic in dry conditions.Eco Friendly – 1kg, 4kg & 10kg

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  • Spray Aid

    Foliar spray spreader / sticker for all foliar fertilisersYou can now improve the performance and efficiency of you foliar sprays by incorporating Spray AidTM in to you foliar mixes….

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