500ml spray bottle

To Get Gecko’s Out Of Your House
Geckos in Australia are more than just annoying to listen to.

The most common type of gecko in our climate is the Asian Gecko which is an introduced species.

These cheeky little fella’s not only eat the native Australian Gecko’s, but their droppings can be harmful to those living in your home and because they’re attracted to warm, humid environments – they love nesting and destroying your most expensive appliances like air conditioners, fridges, etc.
Earth Friendly
Our plant-based formula won’t harm the environment or the geckos in your home.
Pet Friendly
Your fury friends won’t be too bothered by Geckoff’s active ingredients either.
Kid Friendly
And most importantly, there’s no nasty ingredients that will upset your little ones.
This all natural Gecko repellent won’t harm the Gecko’s living in your space – it will however deter them from returning to the area.
With no nasty chemicals, Geckoff can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living areas, bedrooms and even in outdoor living spaces.

Our signature active ingredient has a fresh, zesty fragrance which will leave your home smelling amazing with no lingering chemical scents.


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